Open Source Education

Unacademic is a collective of researchers, educators and freelancers who strive to change the way people learn, teach and assess, and companies recruit.

Unacademic changes the field of traditional education by connecting learners, teachers, professionals and companies on our open source platform. Unacademic does not digitise traditional education, but replaces the traditional educational institute with an in(ter)dependent community. Unacademic open sources education, making education accessible, social and relevant again.

We believe that learners are the best teachers and teachers are learners too. We believe that experts can assess your knowledge of a subject better than any school, college or university could ever do. And we believe that data gathered from learning analytics can create great insights for companies who are trying to find the right fit for their team. It is our mission to create an alternative to diploma education by building a community of like minded people.

We have over 15 years of experience in higher education and have built digital learning tools since 2009.

  • Coding the Humanities
    Coding the Humanities empowers (humanities) researchers to develop their own research tools. Currently, Coding the Humanities involves a MA course in the Cultural Analysis program, a BA course set up as part of a newly developed Digital Humanities minor, and a ‘crash course’ for university employees.

  • Offcourse
    Offcourse is an open source online learning platform developed with the University of Amsterdam where learners map the web’s learning resources, navigate personal learner journeys and track and compare progress. Offcourse is currently finished for a closed bèta.

  • Augmenting Masterpieces
    Augmenting Masterpieces is a collaborative project between the University of Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum. The project contributed to the debate on how best to use new technologies in museums, and created a museum app for generating more social interaction that does not rely on ‘cultural capital’. The project was nominated for the ‘Best of Web’ award (2015).

  • Piep.io
    Piep.io is an open source project co-developed by Coding the Humanities and Bocoup, a Boston-based open source web agency. Piep.io is a package manager for educational materials related to teaching programming and computer science. It is still under development.

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